Duty to God Promotion

Duty to God Patch

Duty to God Promotion

This class was offered Tuesdays and Fridays at 1pm in the Administration Conference Room at all 2011 Summer Sessions of Heart of Virginia Adventure Camp.

We are currently planning to follow the same schedule in 2012

Class Information

Few Scout Leaders feel like they have enough information to intelligently promote Duty to God to all the faiths that may be represented in their unit. This class provides basic information and resources to help unit leaders promote religious emblems for all faiths.

Through generous donations, we have been able to provide resource DVD's free of charge to class participants and hope that ability will continue in the future.

Class participants will complete requirements to earn Puzzle Patch. We have typically had quantities of those patches available for purchase for $3.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the Duty to God Promotion Patch?

The purpose of this patch is to encourage youth and adults to learn about and promote the religious emblems programs.

2. Can both youth and adults earn this patch?

Yes. Both youth and adults may earn this patch.

3. Is this patch for all faiths?

Yes. This patch requires that you promote the religious emblems programs of all faiths. A person from any religious background may earn this patch.

4. What are the requirements?

You are required to: 1) attend or make a presentation on religious emblems, and 2) make a commitment to Duty to God.

5. What does it mean to "make a commitment to Duty to God"?

At the end of your presentation on religious awards, Scouts and leaders will be asked to make a commitment to fulfill their Duty to God. This means that you do not have to wait until you have earned your religious emblem in order to receive this patch. Making a commitment to Duty to God can mean talking to your clergy about earning your religious emblem, presenting information to your congregation, helping younger Scouts learn about religious emblems, etc.

6. When can I order the Duty to God Promotion Patch?

You may order patches at any time. You may pre-order the patches to distribute them at your presentation. Click here to order online.

7. How do I make a presentation?

There are free resources available at www.praypub.org. These resources include scripts, slide presentations, a video on religious emblems, and parent handouts. These resources are also packaged as a DVD available from P.R.A.Y. Click here to order DVD online.

8. Does this patch replace the square knot?

No. The Duty to God Promotion Patch indicates that you have learned about the religious emblems programs. The Universal Religious Square Knot indicates that you have earned your religious emblem. The two patches are completely different and not to be confused with each other.

9. Where is it worn on the uniform?

The Duty to God Promotion Patch is a temporary patch and is worn on the button of the right shirt pocket.

10. Does the Scout Shop carry these patches?

No. The Duty to God Promotion Patch is administered by P.R.A.Y. and is only available through P.R.A.Y. Click here to order online.

11. If I want to order patches for my unit, will I get a price discount?

Probably. To check PRAY website for current pricing click here.

12. If a Scout just recently earned his religious emblem, does he qualify for this Duty to God Promotion Patch?

Yes. A Scout who just recently earned a religious emblem may receive a Duty to God Promotion Patch. However, in the following years, in order to receive the next segment of the Duty to God Promotion Patch, he will either have to earn another religious emblem (or help make a presentation on religious emblems to another group).

13. Why is this a four-segment puzzle patch?

The intent of the puzzle patch is to encourage leaders to make presentations on the religious emblems every year.

14. What is the anchor patch?

The kneeling Scout segment is the anchor patch and it will always be the first segment that a Scout receives. It is the anchor around which all other segments will be added. This patch will be available every year regardless of the rotation.

15. Is there a designated second, third and fourth segment?

No. A rotation is in place, but the year you start will determine which segment you will acquire for the second, third and fourth segments (i.e. you will acquire the segments in a different order depending on the year you start). Visit www.praypub.org to find out which patch is currently available.

16. I make presentations at Pow Wows and Round Tables every year. Can I hand out patches to the leaders at these trainings?

Yes. The Duty to God Promotion Patch may be distributed at adult trainings to encourage leaders to make presentations to their own units.

17. Is this a BSA program?

No, this is a P.R.A.Y. program created to promote Duty to God to members of the BSA.

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