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God & Me
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God & Me

God & Country Religious Awards program for Cub Scouts and Girl Scout Brownies in Grades 2-3
Saturday, January 5, 2018
Overnight Accommodations available Friday night.

Click here for flyer.

Click here to register for God & Country overnight after November 6, 2017.


Q: What is God & Me?

A: God & Me is the first of four levels of the God & Country program. Created by the national church bodies cooperating with P.R.A.Y., God and Country is a CHURCH program, not a scouting program. God and Country includes emblems/awards which are approved for wear on the official Boy Scout, Girl Scout, American Heritage Girls, and Camp Fire uniforms. God and Country is a Christian Education Resource for Grades 1-12. It is a Bible based curriculum and requires that students read scripture and answer questions about the Bible.

The God and Me curriculum is designed to help children become best friends with Jesus and tell their story of “God and Me” together. Children will make a game in each lesson and keep their games in a GAMEBOX (God And Me Exploring BOX). These games will reinforce the Bible lessons and provide opportunities for families to explore God's love together.

Q: Who can participate?

A: This program is for girls and boys in Grades 2-3. They do not need to be Scouts. Children in Grades 2-3 will need to have an adult mentor that they know in at least a 1:4 ratio. The experience for both youth and adults improves substantially, however, if each mentor takes an active role with only 1-2 participants. Because of the condensed nature of the curriculum, first graders are discouraged. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate younger siblings.

Q: Can my whole den or troop attend?

A: While all are welcome on a first come, first served basis, we do ask larger groups to pursue other options from chartered partners, churches, or clergy in their area so limited space in our classes will be available to those who cannot find other sources.

Q: Where and when is the program?

A: The program will be offered at the Cub Adventure Camp, 1695 Maidens Rd, Maidens, VA 23102-9704 starting at 7:30am on Saturday, January 5, 2018. Optional indoor overnight accommodations will be available Friday night and the program will end on Saturday about 4:00pm. Evening Snack, Breakfast, and Lunch will be provided.

Q: Is there a cost involved?

A: A $30 per Scout supplies fee will be charged to cover workbooks, supplies, meals, snacks and facility rental. Fees will be required when you register and space is limited to 25 Scouts per class. A $5 per person late fee may be imposed within 2 weeks of the class. Because the camp charges us by person, a $25 fee is required for each adult to cover facility rental, meals, and snacks.

Q: If I register early but my plans change, can I get a refund?

A: We'd rather that you not cancel from the course after you register, but understand that plans change. Full refunds are available until the date the late fee is imposed (usually 2 weeks before the class). 50% refunds are available until 5 days before. Unfortunately, no refunds are available within 5 days of the event.

Q: Is the program just for Episcopalians?

A: No, The Virginia Episcopal Scouting Association will be offering God and Country that is appropriate for members of Protestant and Independent Christian churches, which includes Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Episcopal, UCC, Disciples of Christ, and other denominations. If you are part of another faith, you can talk with your religious leader about pursuing the religious awards for your faith.

Q: Will participants complete the requirements during the class?

A: Yes. Participants who attend the entire class will have completed all of the requirements, but completion must be approved and signed by a "faith leader." Students are encouraged to take completed workbook and projects to their home church for review and approval.

Students for whom review at their home church is not possible for whatever reason can complete and return the signed copy of the order form that will be in the closing packet.

Q: Why does the student need to review with clergy?

A: It seems like an extra step, but the review is an important step to reinforce the concepts learned, to create a opportunity for the student and clergy to get to know each other, to educate the faith leader about the program and it's potential value to the church community, and to encourage the faith leader to create a meaningful presentation ceremony in a congregational setting.

Q: Will awards be presented at the conclusion of the class?

A: No. The award application form will be in the back of the workbook and will need to be signed by clergy or faith leader signifying review and approval of completed workbook. Once approved, form can be forwarded to PRAY with awards order by parent or clergy. Various types of awards are available including medallions, certificates, pins, and patches. Ideally, this award will be presented in a ceremony in front of the church congregation.

In addition, for Cub Scouts, unit leadership should be notified that the award has been completed so the Religious Awards Square Knot can be presented at a Pack Meeting.

The Virginia Episcopal Scouting Association has typically provided a participation patch to all students and has, in some years, had presentation cases available for students to safely store medallions or pins once received.

Q: Do Adults who participate earn the Adult Religious Square knot?

A: No, the Adult Religious Square Knot is only available to adults who have earned the Adult Religious Recognition Award of their specific faith. These awards are presented by nomination only to worthy adults for their outstanding service to youth both through their religious institution and one of the national youth agencies. Recipients of these awards are unaware that they are being nominated. They are nominated to receive an award by submitting the required application, letters of recommendation, and resume.

However, Adults who participate can earn one of Duty to God promotions "Puzzle Piece" patches for helping one or more Scouts earn a religious awards. We typically have Puzzle Piece patches available for sale during the weekend by asking at the Registration desk. More information is available here.

Q: What do we wear?

A: UNIFORMS ARE NOT NECESSARY. This is a casual weekend. Be sure to allow for the weather when packing. While the camp buildings are heated, they are drafty. We will also be in separate buildings so make sure to have jackets or coats to wear while transitioning.

Q: What should we bring?

A: Please bring with you the following items: crayons or markers (washable, if possible), Bible (youth friendly, if possible), and scissors. You DO NOT need the God & Me Student workbook. We will have those for you. Note: Do not buy any of these items just for our class. If you don't have something, just let us know. We have a few spares of almost everything.

Q: What happens Friday night if the God & Me class is scheduled on Saturday?

A: Friday evening activities are completely optional for the God & Me participants, but it is a good time to get settled in to sleeping arrangements, meet classmates and instructors, enjoy fellowship time and some evening snacks. If we have enough interest, we will show an animated movie and/or have a craft project.

Q: What are the fellowship activities?

A: Fellowship is a big part of the weekend, so to kick it off, we try to have an evening activity Friday night. The past few years, we have enjoyed very successful "Game Nights" to give everyone an opportunity to get to know each other. We have a few, but each family is asked to bring a game to share with new friends.

Q: What do we need if we decide to spend the night

A: Overnight lodging will be in bunk beds in heated rooms, but the heat works better in some rooms than others. Be sure to bring sleeping bag or blankets and sheets, pillow. We will also have access to hot/cold running water and showers. Be sure to pack a flashlight, nightlight (if needed), pajamas, toothbrush/toothpaste, and towel/shampoo/soap/shower shoes (if you plan to shower)

Q: How is lodging assigned?

A: About 2 weeks before the event we will ask you to confirm the names, gender, and age of those who have decided to spend the night so we can make sure to allocate enough space and get rooming assignments setup. Remember that due to Youth Protection Guidelines, rooms will be assigned based on age and gender. [Adults and Youth are almost always in nearby but separate rooms.] All efforts will be made to keep members of the same unit together. Due to many last minute changes, those assignments will not be available until you check-in.

Q: How far is parking?

A: Surprisingly, this question comes up a lot... On Friday night, cars will be allowed BRIEFLY on the gravel near the Western Fort to UNLOAD only. PERSONAL CARS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE GRASS FOR ANY REASON. For the weekend, all cars need to be parked in one of the parking lots. If we park carefully, we should have enough space in the Staff lot near the Dining Hall.

Q: Why do we need medical forms?

A: While it has never happened at our program and we pray it never will, sometimes medical emergencies happen. In order to be prepared to provide the best emergency treatment possible, our medical officer will require a fully completed BSA medical form (Sections A & B) from every participant (youth & adult) A doctor's signature is NOT required. Remember "fully completed" includes insurance information.

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